The Trails Investigation: After the case is closed.

Some challenges I faced:

  • Push pins are terrible and don’t hold anything, at all. Tacky superglue is necessary to keep the twine wrapped around, but be careful because it can look rubbish!
  • Push pins and twine are hard to buy. Who knew?! How do police stations do it? 😉
  • Remembering where the photos came from! The thing about a repetitive process is it’s easy to get them lost and confused. I was fastidious about nothing where each photo came from and picked only my favourite three or four images from each ‘site’ I visited. I am confident that every image is linked to it’s correct position, and was careful to show that correct position on my map. That’s something I’m really proud of in the work.
  • Making my inspiration clear/the artist statement: This was a challenge, as I knew what I was trying to say but didn’t want to over-complicate the message. I found that researching where my inspiration came from was vital to this, because artist’s before me have said, in a way, what I wanted to in my work.

The crazy detective board itself:

image image image image image image

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