The Trails Investigation.

Artist’s Statement:

This work explores the unknowable and inevitably frightening quality of nature. Despite each walking trail appearing unique, they are similar enough to prove it impossible to determine their location by just photographs. This work attempts to solve this mystery, plotting and speculating about the trails as a detective would his victim’s locations – hence the general aesthetic of the work.

It also serves as a comment on repetition itself, and the mystery of each of these walking trails. Like Long’s “Line made by walking” (1967), many footsteps have been taken along these trails but unlike Long’s work, we have no idea why, who, when or how often. Even the numerous locations of such a repetitive action are varied and hard to precisely pinpoint. They were repeated enough to leave a mark, but the true purpose is unclear and perhaps different for every person taking those steps.


-All pieces work together to have a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing flow. They all ‘fit’ together.

-Able to see the influence of Long’s work

-Evokes a sense of mystery and confusion – demonstrating the idea that nature is a timeless, unknowable and potentially dangerous thing.

-Crazy detective string wall.

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