The unknown of nature.

Some inspiration for my work, which is fast becoming unknowable and completely crazy (if you can’t tell, I’m super excited!).

Lars Hertervig, the “incurably insane” artist who found the terrifying mystery in landscape imagery.

Note: The colouring (blues, yellows, greens), the mystery, the layering and unusual shapes.

Richard Long, the 1960’s (note: the retro!) artist who made art by walking back and forth in a single space. His work inspires my repetition, as these walking tracks are the same, but different.

Note: The time! Black and white photography. Also the simplicity but power of the work and the complete inability to ascertain a location from just looking at the image on it’s own.

Reena Kallat: The chaos and confusion of her work, but the way the string relays a message and links different locations. The colouring is also significant in this work, representing different links and different locations.

Note: The ‘string’ – in this case being different wires (perhaps explore this?), the formation of links, the representation of a ‘map’ in an unusual way that still reflects what a map is used for.

‘Crazy’ detective boards: nature is a scary, unknowable force, and my work is an attempt to track the locations in a noisy, frantic way.

Note: The ‘string’ boards and the way you can stand back and look at a chaotic wall and see a pattern, a repetitive process. The wall can ‘inform’ the viewer.

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