Exploration, location, reiteration.

Draft Statement:

My work explores repetition, location and nature. I did this by taking multiple photographs, altering images of maps, playing an ambient audio track and using coloured string to pull it all together and create a work that constructs an interpretation of my local area. The photographs, each from a slightly different location, display a similar thing – a beaten in walking track. These images, inspired by Long’s ‘Line Made by Walking’ (1967), demonstrate the repetitive and familiar pastime of exploring your local area and following the beaten trails. The locations of these photographs are then pointed out on a map with a piece of string and push pin, giving each ‘general area’ a different colour, adding vibrancy and difference to the work as a whole. These strings also highlight the fact that, no matter how similar the images are; they are in fact from different locations, on different days of adventure.


  • Aesthetically pleasing, with an obvious flow.
  • Able to see the influence of Long and Kallat’s work.
  • All pieces of the work together in a pleasing way; that makes sense and adds to each other.
  • Must evoke a sense of nature and the outdoors, calling to mind the exploration of bush walking.

Last week: Finalised idea, sourced locations, got a camera organised, found some images of maps I can use as a basis to manipulate for the centre of my work, finish off the ‘central’ image of the map.

This week (weekend): Go exploring! Take a whole bunch of photographs (at least 20) at each location, get map professionally printed, head to spotlight and purchase some push pins and a whole bunch of different coloured twine.

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