When art takes shape.

A couple of days ago I had a really inspiring class and, followed by some really productive brainstorming with a couple of classmates, I (finally!) came up with my idea for my assessment.

Richard Long / Line Made by Walking / 1967.

Richard Long / Line Made by Walking / 1967.

Inspired by this artwork, I began to brainstorm my ideas. I decided to go exploring and take photographs in a similar composition to Long’s, of multiple walking tracks in a variety of locations. These tracks would help serve my repetition and inspiration, but it was boring!

I then spoke to my little brainstorm group (Emily & Josh) about ways to further explore and display it, because it seemed so mundane and contrived. I thought perhaps I could some how map the different locations of the walking tracks, perhaps with string and an old school, colourful printed map (that would be manipulated by me) Something like perhaps this work by Reena Saini Kallat-


Untitled (Map/Drawing) | detail | 2011 | electric wires and fittings, 10 min audio loop |

Emily had the brilliant idea of perhaps tracking it on a system like Google Maps and making it interactive and digital. I’m not sure if I have the know-how for that, but it would be lots of fun to try! I’m thinking, perhaps, I could do both. Print out my images, attach them with string to the map, and have a laptop set up where you can physically pick and pull back the images from the various locations.

If anybody has some ideas, let me know! I’m very excited to develop this and have already started taking photos of my tracks 🙂

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